Top value for money

The entrance fee is €20 which includes a drink. Although getting in is a bargain, Mayfair is a luxury venue with luxury prices. But we’re proud to say your money will go a lot further with us than with our competitors in Rotterdam or Amsterdam.

Our bar is fully stocked with top-shelf brands: Monkey 47, Belvedere, Beluga, Macallen, Crystal Head Vodka, Hendrick, Fever Tree and many, many more as well as a wide variety of soft drinks. And what’s more: we pour generously and go easy on the ice cubes!

And remember: it’s not just the drinks you’re paying for. We offer you an evening full of great entertainment, a luxury venue and fantastic hostesses. The girls adore you … and they have a lot to offer if you treat them nicely.

Anything you like, but the girls prefer champagne

Is there a girl that takes your fancy? Don’t be shy, go and have a chat with her … and don’t leave her thirsty: get her a drink! A bottle of champagne will make most of them real happy, but if you like to take it slow you can order by the glass as well. A glass is €35 and bottles vary from €200 to €2600 a bottle.

Whatever you decide to order for her, you can be sure that she will make you feel at home and comfortable, but it won’t come as a surprise that if you order a bottle you’re her prince on a white horse.

Needless to say we’re always happy to take your order up to your private room.

Pay when you leave

Most of our clients stay a while, so whether you have used one of our private rooms or stayed at the bar, we usually present you with the tab when you’re about to leave. If you want we can give you the score every two hours or so, to keep check of your spendings.

For your convenience, we have several payment options.

See inside our club.

Posted by Mayfair Club on Sunday, January 17, 2016